Assessment and Reporting

At South Axholme Academy we communicate to parents in a variety of ways. Information about the progress a student is making will be sent home 3 times each year in the form of a 'scan'. The scan illustrates to parents the attitude to learning (AtL) of a student as well as a current attainment point (CAP). Once each year, one of these scans will be combined with a performance summary. The performance summary in addition to AtL and CAP information also has comments made by the form tutor and senior leaders of the Academy. Once each year, parents are invited to attend a parents' evening where they can speak to all subject teachers who are involved with their child. We actively encourage parents to contact the Academy at any time throughout the year, should they have a query regarding progress and not wait for scans or parents' evenings.

CAPS are allocated for all years using the new 1-9 GCSE grade scale.  An overview of what this means for each subject can be found using the icons below.

 Assessment Calendar - 2017-2018

pdf Attitude to Learning document

Assessment image 02