South Axholme Academy is fortunate in having a strong and dedicated Board of Governors, as recognised by Ofsted in their last full inspection. The Governors play a very important role in ensuring every Student receives the very best possible education, and the best opportunities, both inside South Axholme Academy and beyond.

South Axholme Academy (Local Governing Body) (maximum 12)

  • Principal (ex officio)
  • 2 Teaching Staff (elected by staff)
  • 1 Support Staff (elected by staff)
  • 4 elected parents (elected by parents)
  • 4 Trust

Term of Office

  • All governors are appointed for 4 years with the exception of the Principal who remains a governor whilst in post


  • Staff governors are elected by staff at South Axholme Academy
  • Parent governors are elected by parents at South Axholme Academy
  • The IET Board can appoint Trust Governors to the SAX Governing Body and there is also an option for the SAX Governing Body to Co-opt governors with the approval of the IET Board