Art and Design

Key Stage 3

Students in Year seven cover various techniques and skills including drawing, painting, mixed media, 3d and printmaking and research and study the work of artists.

Work is based on different themes, these look at colour, portraits and the wider world. Independent learning activities and class work are assessed continually throughout the term and there is one major piece at the end of each term.

Year eight students are able to opt into Art and Design and have two lessons per week. Areas of study are based upon GCSE style questions and themes in preparation for the option process which begins in Year nine. Key areas studied include perspective drawing, collage, mixed media and the themes include Journeys, Pop Art, and the natural world along with the work of Rousseau. Work is continually assessed throughout the term and students are expected to produce at least one major piece of work for formal assessment at the end of each term.

GCSE Art, Craft and Design

Students receive one double and one single lesson per week and follow the AQA Art, Craft and Design course. Each of the four assessment objectives are equally weighted to obtain the final mark for all their coursework (unit 1) and their externally set task preparatory study and ten hour unaided focussed study (unit 2)

Students over the three years of the course produce a portfolio of artwork showing a full range of experiences from drawings, photographs, mixed media, printmaking, textiles, 3d and the study of various artists.

The assessment of unit 1 is continuous and students have regular feedback regarding the four areas of assessment and are given guidance to improve their portfolio.

The portfolio (unit 1) is worth 60% of the final level and the externally set task is worth 40%. The art work is assessed by staff and then a visiting moderator will view the sample selected and check that marking is in line with AQA standards.

The course would lead students to further study for example ‘A’ Level or onto courses or employment that require practical skills and artistic vision.