Sports Science

The Sports Science course allows students the opportunity to develop their understanding of the Principles of Training, Nutrition, Bodies Response to Exercise and Sports Injury.

Whilst the course is more sector-based, it also encompasses some core sport/physical education themes.  Students have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge about different types of sports related themes.  They will learn about how the body responds to physical activity, fitness testing, sports nutrition, sports injury and rehabilitation, designing fitness programmes and dietary programmes.

The qualification allows for practical and engaging ways of teaching which enables students to:

  • develop a range of skills and fitness through involvement in sport and physical activity in different contexts and roles
  • develop their ability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations
  • gain a better understanding of the complexity of different areas of sport and the sports industry. Students develop their depth of understanding through the research and teaching of four main teaching units:

What skills are developed?

  1. Principles of Training
  2. Nutrition
  3. Bodies Response to Exercise
  4. Sports Injury

Methods of assessment.

The course is assessed through 3 internal assignments and 1 one hour written examination.