Design and Technology

Key Stage 3

Students in Year 7 and Year 8 follow a mixture of food and resistant materials in module. These modules introduce students to the basic food and resistant materials techniques through a wide variety of practical tasks. The main focus is on developing a wide range of skills and knowledge required for GCSE and vocational awards, mostly through hands on making activities. Classes are taught using a variety of different approaches including individual and team work, discussions, individual projects, scientific experiments

The Year 7 curriculum currently includes topics focusing on…

  1. The Eatwell Guide and practical’s associated with the different sections,
  2. Basic Health and safety
  3. Designing and Making using a given design brief

The Year 8 curriculum currently includes topics focusing on…

  1. Afternoon tea – with a look at the history and including key skills in cake and pastry making,
  2. Food Around the World – including sustainability and Fair trade.
  3. Knowledge and Understanding of a wide range of materials in society leading onto the designing and making of a product

Assessment of work in Year 7 and Year 8 is based upon self, peer and teacher assessment of practical work and homework often in the style of flip learning and investigation. Assessment criteria is linked to the Assessment Objectives as set out in KS4 specifications