Physical Education

Physical Education at South Axholme Academy

  1. Major areas studied in Years 7 & 8

All students study a diverse range of practical activities including some of the following, football, rugby (boys), netball (girls), table tennis, badminton, health and fitness, hockey, rounders, athletics, tennis, and handball.

There are also many opportunities to develop skills in leadership, coaching, and officiating.

Students also work at developing inter personal skills such as communication, team work and problem solving.

All students also complete three theory topics which will help underpin their knowledge and understanding should students wish to study the subject further at key stage 4.

  1. What form of assessment takes place in KS3 and how regularly?

All students are assessed in the practical activity studied each half term and receive an assessment score of between 1-9. Students’ top two practical performing activities make up their practical profile which contributes to 30% of the overall score.

In addition to this, the theory units make up the remainder of the 70% PE at key stage 3 score. This reflects the academic nature of the course studied at key stage 4 as well as rewarding the practical ability and high importance of the subject.

  1. The benefits of studying the subject at KS4- what might it lead to?

Vocations closely linked to Physical Education include, teacher, physiotherapist, fire fighter, police, army, personal trainer, leisure management, sports science, sports administrator, events manager and nutritionist.