Key Stage 3

Students in Year 7 are introduced to the basics of the language and begin to appreciate how French is formed. Even at this stage students are introduced to the skills they will need to perfect in preparation for their GCSE. They are taught how to listen, read, write and speak in French using a variety of approaches, encouraging independent learning, team work, problem solving and communication skills and being able to manipulate the language for their own use.

The Year 7 curriculum currently includes topics focusing on

  1. Introducing yourself
  2. School
  3. Family
  4. Describing where you live
  5. Hobbies

The Year 8 curriculum currently includes topics focusing on

  1. Television, music and the internet
  2. Tourism
  3. Relationships
  4. FoodAt the end of each topic a more formal style assessment is given in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills, and mirrors GCSE Assessment. The aim is to prepare students for their eventual GCSE in Year 11.  

GCSE French

GCSE French is designed to enable the student to communicate in French. During the course students develop the following skills

  • Listening – to understand and respond to spoken language
  • Speaking – to communicate and interact in speech
  • Reading – to understand and respond to written language
  • Writing – to communicate in writing

GCSE French is divided into 3 themes, and the themes are subdivided into the following topics.

Theme 1: Identity and culture

Topics: Me, my family and friends, technology in everyday life, free-time activities, and customs and festivals in French-speaking countries/communities.

Theme 2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest

Topics: Home, town and neighbourhood, social issues, global issues and travel and tourism.

Theme 3: Current and future study and employment

Topics: My studies, life at school/college, education post-16, jobs, career choices and ambitions.

GCSE French is a linear qualification. Examination will take place in four skill areas of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking at the end of Year 11.

GCSE French is demanding and rigorous with a strong emphasis on grammar and accuracy. It is recognised as a challenging and valuable qualification by employers and universities and can open up a variety of career fields such as IT, Teaching, Accountancy, Law, Journalism, Sales and Marketing.